FLEXCHX- Flexible production of power, heat and transport fuels from renewable energy sources

EU Horizon 2020 funded FLEXCHX development project has now ended and it has delivered exceptional results with significant immediate or potential impact, for example:

  • Operating experiences for complete gasification, gas cleaning, and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis process chain
  • New pulse cleaning system for the hot gas filters and its scale-up to industrial plant sizes (development part of Grönmark in this project)
  • Conceptual industrial design of the FLEXCHX plant

These results will significantly contribute to maximising the potential impact in the coming years, for example:

  • Improved economics of CHP and district heat production in the European energy transition
  • Efficient and economically attractive way for utilising low-cost excess electricity.
  • Contribution to the decarbonisation of transport sector
  • Assisting the European oil industry in their plans to move towards advanced biofuels

FLEXCHX is fully in line with the EU sustainability goals. The use of a hybrid process that utilizes excess solar energy as a booster makes it possible to double or in some cases even triple the displacement of fossil fuels. This is the main contribution of FLEXCHX to the global energy challenges. Moreover, the use of domestic biomass and waste resources increases the security of supply and reduces the dependency on fossil fuel imports. In the proposed process, renewable fuels for transport (50 %) and renewable heat/power (50 %) will be produced with a focus on its potential local use. The developments of this project contribute to goals set out in the SET Plan and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in line with EU policies such as the European Union’s Renewable Energy Directive II (RED II).

Grönmark would like to thank all the consortium partners and people involved in this successful project. Special thanks to VTT and Esa Kurkela, who was the project coordinator and key person in the project.

More information about the project from this link: http://www.flexchx.eu/