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Partnering Finnish industry

– looking ahead to the next hundred years

Grönmark has been serving Finnish industry since 1914. We aim to be a close partner for people working in procurement, design, production and maintenance.

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What our customers say about working with us

The people at Grönmark say it the way it is and they understand our particular production circumstances. So they don’t even suggest products that wouldn’t work in our plant. It’s considerate of them not to impose on us just to make a sale.

Maria Kataikko


We value the way you come out to us and tackle the problem together with the customer.

Marko Kettunen


We haven’t been working with Grönmark for very long, but even the smallest things we have done together were dealt with very flexibly and professionally. We are very satisfied!

Pasi Pakarinen

Lohjan Biolämpö