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Grönmark has been serving Finnish industry since 1914. We aim to be a close partner for people working in procurement, design, production and maintenance.

We have over one hundred years of experience working with Finnish industrial companies, equipment and machinery manufacturers, research institutions and engineering firms. Leading international products in combination with local service from our dedicated staff are your assurance of getting the most efficient solutions with the best life cycle value.

Food Industry

The food industry is Finland’s largest producer of consumer goods and fourth largest industry; the main products include cheese, alcohol, butter and butterfat, pork, sugar substitutes (such as xylitol), and chocolate. Grönmark focuses on the needs of cheesemakers, bakeries and sugar refineries.

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Energy Supply

In Finland, the major sources of energy generation are nuclear power, hydropower, wood fuel, coal, natural gas, and peat. The most important 100% Finnish energy sources are hydropower, wood, waste liquors from the forest industry, and peat. Grönmark focuses on the needs of gas and coal plants as well as pulp mill power plants. A new, growing area of business for us is the biofuel and bioenergy industry.

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Mining Industry

In Finland, we mine metal ores, such as gold, nickel, chromium and copper, and industrial minerals, including dolomite, quartz, calcite and talc. The extraction and processing of metal ores is a growing industry with export potential. Grönmark focuses on the needs of processing and metallurgical refining plants.

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Chemical Industry

The chemical industry has grown into Finland’s most important export sector; the main products include oil, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paints, plastics, and rubber. Grönmark focuses on the needs of chemical and oil companies. Chemistry is everywhere, and it provides solutions to a wide range of challenges on the way to improved quality of life and sustainable development.

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Machinery and Equipment

In Finland, the manufacture of machinery and equipment is mainly focused around mechanical engineering and the electronics industry. Consumer products are produced in relatively small numbers, while a majority of machinery and equipment are designed for industrial use. Internationally renowned products include pulp and paper machines, power-plant boilers, lifts, and forest machines. Finland is recognised as a pioneer in environmental and high technology, which boosts the export of machinery and equipment in the environmental field. Industries relying on environmental knowledge are expected to become a fast-growing sector.

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Forest Industry

The forest industry is a major contributor to welfare in Finland. The main products include cellulose, paper and paperboard, sawmill and board products, and different converted products. Even with fluctuations in the economy, the forest sector continues to play a critical role in promoting sustainable development. The sector is now revamping itself and expanding the development focus to new, bio-based products and energy solutions that support the growth of the bioeconomy. Finland still lives on its forests.

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Steel Production and Metal Processing

Steel production and metal processing are areas of substantial expertise in Finland. Our country is known for efficient use of energy and raw materials in metal processing and is a world leader in certain processes. We produce and process rolled steel, steel and copper products, zinc, nickel, and cast products. Finland is continually developing more water and energy-efficient production methods and more sustainable production technology.

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