Steel Production and Metal Processing

Steel production and metal processing are areas of substantial expertise in Finland. Our country is known for efficient use of energy and raw materials in metal processing and is a world leader in certain processes. We produce and process rolled steel, steel and copper products, zinc, nickel, and cast products. Finland is continually developing more water and energy-efficient production methods and more sustainable production technology.

We serve the steel industry with heat-resistant roll coatings, insulation materials and gaskets. Our range of products also includes tailor-made expansion joints for demanding applications

  • Heat resistant cords, ropes, braids, needle felts, insulation boards and gaskets
  • Fabric, metal, rubber, elastomer and PTFE expansion joints

In sealing, we focus on chemically challenging, as well as high pressure and temperature applications. We offer individually tailored, high-quality services and speedy delivery, even on the same day.

Besides components, we provide the steel industry with systems and total solutions

  • Roll grinders with integrated loading and storage robots
  • Annealing and pickling line shower pipes
  • Vibrating separators and filters for process liquids

For metal processing plants, we offer tailored consumables, equipment and total solutions

  • Vibrating separators for powders and granulates
  • Ultra sonic sieves for demanding fine powders
  • Hydrocyclones
  • Sand separators
  • Random packings and trays for absorption and distillation columns
  • Droplet separators for scrubbers
  • Ammonium strippers for process and waste water
  • Filters and screens in solid-liquid separation