Energy Supply

In Finland, the major sources of energy generation are nuclear power, hydropower, wood fuel, coal, natural gas, and peat. The most important 100% Finnish energy sources are hydropower, wood, waste liquors from the forest industry, and peat. Grönmark focuses on the needs of gas and coal plants as well as pulp mill power plants. A new, growing area of business for us is the biofuel and bioenergy industry.

We serve power plants with tailored filtering solutions

  • Filter cartridges for condensate treatment
  • Filter bags for flue gas
  • Filter fabrics for vacuum belt filters in FGD

We also provide components, systems and total solutions for separation purposes

  • Channel screens, sieves and micro filters for water treatment
  • Hydrocyclones and micro filters for flue gas scrubber condensate
  • Droplet separators for scrubbers, evaporation and cooling processes
  • Random packings for mass and heat transfer

Our maintenance products are designed for demanding conditions

  • Flange gaskets
  • Gaskets for heat exchangers
  • Fabric, metal, rubber, elastomer and PTFE expansion joints
  • Heat resistant cords, ropes, braids, needle felts and insulation boards
  • Gas turbine silencer elements

In sealing, we focus on chemically challenging, as well as high pressure and temperature applications. We offer individually tailored, high-quality services and speedy delivery, even on the same day.