Forest Industry

The forest industry is a major contributor to welfare in Finland. The main products include cellulose, paper and paperboard, sawmill and board products, and different converted products. Even with fluctuations in the economy, the forest sector continues to play a critical role in promoting sustainable development. The sector is now revamping itself and expanding the development focus to new, bio-based products and energy solutions that support the growth of the bioeconomy. Finland still lives on its forests.

We serve the paper industry with different production consumables

  • Disc filter bags
  • Moulded centre plugs

Besides components, we provide systems and total solutions

  • Shaftless spiral conveyors and sand separators
  • Shower pipes with built-in cleaning device and oscillators
  • Shower water filters
  • Wire and felt stretchers, guiders and tension measurement units
  • Pigment and coating paste separators
  • Modernization of roll grinders and lathes

For the forest industry, we offer tailored solutions for the production of bio products

  • Random packings and trays for absorption and distillation columns
  • Thin film evaporators and distillators for biodiesel process
  • Ammonium strippers for process and waste water
  • Filters and screens in solid-liquid separation

In sealing, we focus on chemically challenging, as well as high pressure and temperature applications, such as gasketed heat exchangers for liquor and drying cylinders with large end gaskets. We offer individually tailored, high-quality services and speedy delivery, even on the same day.